Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Is the Different Between Romance and Passion?

If you have never been in love before, you probably have no idea what you are missing, in fact, most of us go through life experiencing at least one relationship that can be considered as serious. These relationships usually make us very happy, so we have absolutely no desire to see them end. Unfortunately, we ourselves could end up derailing the relationship, without even knowing that we are doing it. If we only knew how important these relationships really were, we would work harder at keeping them together.

When the relationship ends, we begin looking for a meaningful replacement, in most cases we end up finding one that is full of passion, which overwhelms us so much that we focus on spending the rest of our lives with that person. We think that marriage will make us happier, only to realise that being passionate is not the same as being romantic.

As important as romance is to us, you would think that we would be working harder at succeeding, the problem is that we have a difficult time making a judgment call on which feeling we are actually encountering. When nothing else in the universe matters but that special someone and the only time that you feel a connection is when you are with them, that is when you know that your emotion is one of being loved.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

We All Need Space

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." John Wooden

Needing space is not always about the living area. At times we need a break from certain people. We may love them and care about them but we need a break from them. By recognizing this important fact, we can keep a distance when necessary and not only maintain a relationship but have no guilt. When we attend to others we have a feeling of duty to be at their disposal. Maybe this is feasible some of the time. It is impossible to achieve all of the time. Admitting our own needs and responsibilities may alleviate the anxious feelings we have when we can't always solve other people's problems. Having empathy does not mean we can't say no. At times we must say no at least for that moment. At a later date we may be able to fulfill another's need but not at the present time.

We all feel overwhelmed with duty. Our thoughts say if you love this person you will find the time or find a way to help them with a difficulty. The end result is a total depletion of our own energy and spirit. This is not good. We need to maintain our own spirits in order to be of service to others. Maybe if we admitted we couldn't take on a duty, it might be helpful to the person if they were required to do it for themselves. They may need to be able to gain confidence in their own ability. We may be completely unaware that we are creating a dependency. Even our elderly parents must acknowledge that our lives are important and deserve attention. I am not suggesting neglect but pacing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Relationships: Why Do Some People Try To Rescue Others?

Although relationships are often seen as two people sharing who they are with the other each and with both of them being on the same level; this doesn't always take place. And when this doesn't happen, one of the reasons can be due to one person trying to rescue the other.

Now, in order for one to be a rescuer, there needs to be someone who needs rescuing. There can't be one without the other. And while it may seem that the rescuer possesses a lot more power than the person that they are rescuing; these are ultimately two sides of the same coin.

The difference is that each person is expressing themselves in a different way; with one person appearing to be stronger than the other. And this is not limited to intimate relationships either, it can also relate to relationships with: family, friends and colleagues for instance.

Different Areas

And while the rescuer is trying to save another person, this can take on, many different forms. This could be to do with finances and to propping another person up financially. It can also include trying to rescue another: emotionally, mentally and physically.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Five Things You Should Stop Doing to Win Back Your Ex

I have tried these five things to no avail. I was curious so I asked a couple of friends who had attempted to win back their ex, the response was same.

1. Wishing things could come back to normal
For your ex to be your "ex" something went down badly. The opportunity to make things right could be lost. He or she probably has moved on and met someone who has done better than you ever did. Its time to wake up and let it go. Even if you eventually succeeds in getting him or her back, i doubt you could ever make it so right, except of-course he or she is still much available and willing as much as you to get things back to normal

2.Working hard to get him or her jealous
Forget those good old tricks of trying to hang around her with your new found 'arranged date'. You can only piss them off the more. Jealously works, is just that it doesn't make things right again, it just makes your ex feel you are still that same boastful-am-OK-with-myself type.

3. Tailing your spouse
It is really time to move on. It is both sad and selfish to keep pressing things. Tailing him or her makes you look too desperate and even if you succeed in winning them back, you would have lost all the edge in the relationship