Thursday, February 14, 2013

What Is the Different Between Romance and Passion?

If you have never been in love before, you probably have no idea what you are missing, in fact, most of us go through life experiencing at least one relationship that can be considered as serious. These relationships usually make us very happy, so we have absolutely no desire to see them end. Unfortunately, we ourselves could end up derailing the relationship, without even knowing that we are doing it. If we only knew how important these relationships really were, we would work harder at keeping them together.

When the relationship ends, we begin looking for a meaningful replacement, in most cases we end up finding one that is full of passion, which overwhelms us so much that we focus on spending the rest of our lives with that person. We think that marriage will make us happier, only to realise that being passionate is not the same as being romantic.

As important as romance is to us, you would think that we would be working harder at succeeding, the problem is that we have a difficult time making a judgment call on which feeling we are actually encountering. When nothing else in the universe matters but that special someone and the only time that you feel a connection is when you are with them, that is when you know that your emotion is one of being loved.

There are times when being loved can be confused with passion and for the most part, both instances can make us extremely happy, unfortunately being passionate with someone is not a feeling that will be around for the rest of our lives, not by itself anyway. When we are passionate with someone, the burning desire to be with them forever is also there, but there is a subtle difference that becomes very clear, after being together for a while.

It is said that true love can withstand the test of time, which means that both parties are willing to stick with each other, in good and bad times. If your relationship is built due to a passionate encounter, that option will not be there, in fact it only takes a few bad days to call the whole thing off, which is probably why so many relationships suffer today.

And finally, it is unfortunate that there is such confusion between the different stages of romance, as much as we thrive on it. It is important when your significant other inspires you to improve, but there are other things that may be just as important, like the fact that you can laugh at each-others jokes, no matter how many times you heard them, enjoy doing many of the same things and are happy to sit quietly together in the same room and do nothing.

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