Monday, December 9, 2013

How To Get The Most Out Of Online Dating

The dating game is fun. You’ll meet loads of new people and try all kinds of new adventures. You can’t expect that all your dates will be good ones, but at least these disasters will give your friends a laugh. You’re more likely to meet suitable people with a respectable site like Global Personals, so if you current site is not working out, it’s worth giving give them a try.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of online dating.

1. You need to keep at it. Just like dating the people you meet at work or at the gym, you’re not necessarily going to meet Mr or Mrs Right on the first attempt. Don’t lose heart. Online dating is popular for a reason – it works. Keep on looking, new people sign up every day. In fact, your future partner could be signing up to a great site such as Global Personals right now.

2. Play safe. You should never give out personal details online. Wait until you have met in real life before giving up your address or mobile number. Use your chosen site’s safety features by sticking with the messaging service. Once you are comfortable and happy that your chosen date is not weird in any way, then you can give up your details. But not before!

3. When meeting in the flesh make sure it’s somewhere public, and that a friend knows where you are. You’ve probably heard this many times before but it is sensible advice. Don’t isolate yourself with someone you don’t know, and certainly don’t invite them to your house.

4. Check your account regularly. People send messages all the time and many others are signing up. You don’t want to miss out because you weren’t paying attention!

5. Be flexible with your search criteria. If you put specifics like ‘brown hair, 5’ 10”, no children, and must love cats within 1 mile of your postcode, then you are really limiting your options! Besides which, dating should be about meeting many people and having a great time. Widen your search, think about the age range, and look older (or younger!) than you currently are.

6. On the flip side, be realistic with your criteria, especially your search radius. Whilst a one mile search radius won’t be enough, you won’t want to travel fifty miles each time you meet up either.

7. Don’t decide on a person simply by looking at their picture, because many attractive people do not photograph well! Put more faith in your shared opinions, sense of humour and interests. They have to be attractive to you of course, but if you are wavering on a ‘not sure if I like the look of him’ then stop wavering and meet up. Attractiveness is sometimes more about hormones, scents and the ‘wow’ factor, and you won’t get that over an internet connection.

Above all, make sure you enjoy yourself, and don’t get too fixated on finding Mr or Mrs Right. Be laid back, have fun, follow the tips above, and it will all come together in the end.

How To Get Back Into The Dating Game

Many people are finding these days that they are pitched back into the dating game when a marriage or long term relationship has ended. It can be quite disconcerting to suddenly realise that you are single! When you feel ready to date again, then you can meet new people in many different ways. The trick is to get yourself out there, don't be shy. A smile and a friendly remark can open up new friendships and enrich your life. Just be brave! Here are some suggestions to get you going.

1. Online Dating. A decade ago, online dating was not particularly popular, viewed by the majority of people as weird and perhaps a bit desperate. Now, everyone is doing it! You probably know couples who met online. If you ask about, you’ll discover people are trying it, and may have some suggestions to help you along. There are many dating sites out there, but if you are serious about meeting someone decent, then use a high quality site such as Global Personals. Be mindful of your safety too, and when you meet with someone, make sure it’s in a busy public place.

2. Ask your friends to set you up. They know you well, and are quite likely to pick someone who suits. They may even be better at it than you are! Just make sure you choose someone sensible, not just Dave from the pub that you don’t know very well.

3. A single person should never turn down an invite. Even if you are tired and don’t fancy it – make sure you go. You never know who will be there; at the very least it will prevent you being lonely and bored at home. Exciting things happen at unexpected times!

4. If you have children, take them to activities such as soft play, or playgrounds and parks if the weather is good. Saturday morning is a great time to meet single dads! When you pick your kids up from school, chat to other parents in the queue. Just be friendly, not over-bearing and before you know it, you’ve made another friend – who in turn may set you up with a singleton that they know.

5. Trying something new always opens up new avenues. There are lots of courses and activities you can take part in. Look online for adult learning courses. If you’ve always fancied learning how to make pasta, then now is the time! If your computer skills are rusty, then sign up for classes. If your workplace runs a sports and social club, then start taking part. You might not fancy any of your colleagues, but they might know someone who will suit you.

Getting back into the dating game is all about building new connections. Be pro-active, get online, try Global Personals, or take up a hobby that interests you, just keep busy and jump in. Above all, keep smiling and you’ll soon be back into the swing of it.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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