Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What Do Men Find Romantic?

Men are often stereotyped as having the romantic depth of tree sloth. Although a woman showing up naked with beer may be considered romantic by some, men are usually a little deeper than that. Men too feel passion, love, and romance; it's just that when expressing it, they don't often make much sense.

When it comes to romance, women have had the market cornered. Flowers, chocolates, breakfast in bed, candlelight dinners, and counting the times men say, "I love you" on St. Valentine's Day. But men don't need that. To light the fire of passion in a man, simply follow these five simple steps:

1) Touch him. Guys are tactile; holding a man's hand, lightly touching his arm during a conversation, or a random hug shows a man you're interested in him more than telling him so.

2) Compliment his manliness. No matter how big and strong a man is he's not as secure as he might seem. Guys want to be heroes, the one who swoops in and saves the day, so if he fixes the toilet, builds a fence, or simply changes a light bulb, you should tell him how fantastic he is and what an improvement it is and the cook him something that he would like to say thank you.

3) Let him go. Before a relationship, a man has a routine with other men. Drinks at the pub on Thursdays after work, watching the match on television at Steve's house, or simply staying at home and killing zombies on a video game; it's part of his life. Once the man is committed to you, his buddy-filled bachelor life is over. Every once in a while give it back. A night out with the boys will show him you trust him. Now that's romantic.

4) Put on something nice. People get comfortable in a relationship and really let themselves go. The sweater top and gym wear whilst exercising and decorating is fine but you then start to dress down for all your comfortable time together. Although as partners you still find each other attractive, you both now look more like roomies. This one goes both ways; showing your guy you care enough to look good for him might just encourage him to put on a nice shirt and get a shave.

5) Just look at him. Eye contact, whether during a conversation or across a loud room during a party, shows that no matter what's going on around you, your partner is more important to you than anything else. That will arouse a sense of romance more than buying him a steak dinner.

I guess there's a number 6: buy him a steak dinner.

As you can see, men are simple creatures with simple needs. Their passion is easy to ignite.

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